Mimaki BS3 Ink Nite Bag

Dot4Dot Mimaki BS3 Ink Bag Mild Solvent is Specifically manufactured to match the performance and color properties in compare with OEM one. This is a ultra premium Mild Solvent Ink with a stunning color gamut, performance, accurate color reproduction and the ability to print on a large range of media. Colors and chemistry are completely matched and there is no need to change the profiles or clean the lines. It is totally user friendly cartridges which allows for rapid and mess-free replacing cartridges. Dot4Dot BS3 provides instant drying, very low odor level, perfect jet ability, no clogging and/or deflection, super sharp print quality, resists fading when exposed to outdoor conditions, water resistant, outdoor durability without lamination, wide color gamut, vivid vibrant colors, compatibility and excellent adhesion on most self-supporting flexible and pressure sensitive vinyls.

Compatible Printers:

JV33-130-BS  |  JV33-160-BS  |  JV33-261-BS  |  CJV30-100BS  |  CJV30-130BS  |  CJV30-161BS  |  CJV30-161BS