HP Latex

With Dot4Dot Latex inks, you will produce better high-quality signages you do today and still make higher profits. Water-based Dot4Dot Latex inks delivers a versatile range of applications – with high image quality – using a healthier and sustainable approach that’s better for your operators, your business, and the environment.

Dot4Dot Latex Applications

Outdoor & Event Banners – high-quality results with scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks on SAV and PVC banner.

Point-Of-Purchase Posters – Great results on all types of paper, including low-cost uncoated papers and traditional offset papers.

Light Boxes – High-resolution prints up to 1200 dpi with vibrant saturated colors.

Traffic Signs – Faster turnaround time compared to traditional traffic signage production with bright, durable traffic signs with full opacity black ink. Use 3M Reflective Sheeting for construction work zone and traffic signage.

Temporary Textiles – Wide variety of textiles including uncoated and natural textiles. Direct to textile printing is an easier process compared to dye-sublimation inks.

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics – Laminate right after printing – no need to wait for degassing prints. Flexible ink layer conforms to complex surfaces.

Decor Canvases – Stretch your canvases onto wooden frames. Providing quality, durability, crack-free corners that are odorless and meet high environmental and health standards – ideal for hotels, restaurants, and schools.

Decor Wallcoverings – Indoor high-quality odorless durable prints on PVC-free coated, uncoated, woven, non-woven, and magnetic wallpaper substrates.