HP 9000S / 10000S

SAM*INK - HP Designjet 9000s & HP Designjet 10000s

HP 9000S / 10000S

1. Matched ink compatibility, plug & play
You can just plug in the cartridge and use it — plug & play. The inks are chemically engineered to inter-mix stability in the printer’s ink-tube-system, sub-tank and print-head. They will not chemically crash into each other and loose their initial properties. After you have finished using the inks in our cartridge, you can just plug back in the OEM cartridge and continue to use. You do not need to change any settings or flush out the OEM inks.

2. Chips compatibility
The printer will recognize the cartridge like an OEM cartridge. The ink level, like the OEM, will start at 100% and decrease down to 0%. Now the 64 chips has different programs for the regions of the USA, Europe, Asia, and Japan. The HP 9000s or HP 10000s chips do not have regionalities.

3. Printhead protection
The ink pigments are already nano-sized paticles sourced from our ISO9001 Approved Supplier List for consistency of quality and long-term business stability. Our finished inks are filtered down to the microns and under a strict ISO9001 complaint process. Our ink-making personals are well-paid, emotionally-committed, educationally qualified, thoroughly trained, and certified ink-makers before they are allowed to work. The printhead is not given a chance to clog. If there is banding, it will be due to an environmental temperature which have a direct effect on viscosity. Other than that, the nozzle openings may have dried because they have not been used for a period of time and a printhead cleaning by the machine will bring back the nozzle to life.

4. Matched color-gamut
You get to use the same RIP color profiles that your graphic-artist have adjusted with his many man-hours on your computer for the many of your returning customers. You get to use the same current spectra-photometers that you have purchased.

5. Matched media compatibility
You get to use the same media that your customers have approved and the same media-supplier-relationship that you have so painstakingly developed. Our inks are made with polymer-resins that are compatible to the OEM and will adhere to your outdoor medias.

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